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Buying a Leon Cupra
Greetings all,

Newbie to this forum here.

So, long story short - I've always admired the LC - just never could afford one.

I'm in Durban and have seen two listed (private sales), and I'd like some advice from you gents in this forum on the below please:

- reliability of the engine over 100 000km (considering this will be my daily drive ~70km a day, ~1500km per month and ~18000km a year);
- pricing of parts (eg, on par with GTi repairs/services etc) and any preferred workshops to service/maintain these;
- any things to keep an eye out for when assessing these cars?

I've listed both adverts below, one is stock and one is modified. I haven't seen the stock one yet, but I have seen & been in the modified (red LC) car - suffice it to say it goes like stink and is quite comfortable. I hadn't heard any rattles or squeaks, the button clutch will probably not be easy to live with as daily driver, perhaps?

Red, modified LC:

Black, stock LC:

Thank you in advance.

Will you please re-route your question to the facebook page: https://www.faceb...atSportSA/ most of the pilots have migrated to social media.

Unfortunately Im biased and will say do it! Same boat always wanted one couldn't afford one so I bought an Ibiza Cupra 1.8t new (1st owner). And strangely enough cant or wont sell mine to upgrade Rofl
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Welcome Jarryd.

Firstly that Red Leon Cupra has been in a front smash. ALL Leon CUPRAs should have xenon headlights and the bottom middle section of the bumper colour coded black. Its either been in an accident and repaired with the standard halogen headlights and bumper been sprayed differently, or the car is actually a Leon FR? The brakes look like Cupra brakes and its difficult to tell if the interior is Cupra or FR.

They are great cars, exactly same expenses to be expected compared to a Golf 5 GTI. They can be reliable well over 100,000km depends on how well it was maintained and looked after.
Black and White Ibiza FR

Thank you gents for the replies. I'll pop a question on the FB page as well.

@Hubbly_bubbly : Thanks mate, according to the current owner it is an LC. The interior looks to have the same dash, the seats however are full leather (he's said LC R seats). I was also wondering about xenons, he says he changed the lights, they look like CREE lights to me. Engine is modified as mentioned and the button clutch is playing on my mind. I am going to contact the owner of the black LC to setup a look see.
Ran a check on the VIN, it does indeed say it is a Cupra, engine no. BWJ006259.

No accident history on the report, however it doesn't mean it wasn't in one.
The only reason you would change from xenon headlight to standard halogen headlight is if you were an idiot or if you smashed the xenon headlights and fixed the car on a budget and put in the cheaper halogen headlights instead.

Standard headlight

Xenon headlight:$_86.JPG
Black and White Ibiza FR

Awesome, thank you, that is informative.

The headlights do look different, I don't recall them looking like the second pic.
The Stig
easy way as the guys said and look at the cluster & steering for the CUPRA name
and the bigger brakes

the red one looks like a front smash
the black (fanta grape) one look cleanish

eitherway .. finding a stock cupra is not gona happen...
you have to take the risk that is wasnt modded and turned back to stock.
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